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Why It’s Slick

Our Sea Salt Spray for men adds grip and texture to hair, creating a style that looks authentic and sharp. The unique formula gives volume, control and keeps hair looking fresh in-between washes.

Himalayan pink salt and Epsom salts make our salt spray different; it tames frizz and creates a slick finish. Plus, our Creative Director, Sam Bentham, is a big fan of the smell too.

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Low to medium hold
Vegan Cruelty-free
Made in the UK


Great for texture
Can be used as a pre-styler with any other Slick Gorilla products

Slick Tip

‘’Lightwork works perfectly with crops and textured quiffs to make them look less dry; make sure you warm the product in your hands before using it, and apply it all over the hair for an even slick look. ’’ – Sam Bentham, Creative Director.

How To Get The Best Results?

Scoop the clay out, warm it up in your palms until it becomes pliable and apply evenly through your hair.

For a wet-look finish: work it into wet hair.
For a natural finish: apply to dry hair.
For finer details: use a comb or your fingertips to define areas you want to stand out.

How to style

1- Apply a small amount of Lightwork to the palm of your hand

2- Rub Clay Lightwork between palms so it becomes pliable

3- Apply evenly throughout damp or dry hair with fingertips

4- Apply product to wet hair for a wet-look finish, or to dry hair for a natural look with less definition

5- Use more product for increased hold and style

6- For finer details, use a comb or the tips of your fingers to get the desired look


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